From the start when an order is placed to the finish when it is delivered, Doppel Metals will accompany you and your orders at the highest level of quality. 

Our work is based on our quality management system, which has been certified to DIN EN ISO9001:2015. This system allows us to deliver reproducible, high product quality which is 100% traceable. To guarantee this claim, at Doppel Metals we use the matching technical framework right from the outset. 

Optimum conditions for production and inspection are supplemented by short, transparent communication paths. We continuously improve our processes, which enables us to dynamically react to changing requirements.

With our high-value materials, of course we leave nothing to chance. When implementing products, we only use suppliers who can satisfy our high quality standards. Our actions do not just focus on simply meeting customer requirements as punctually and efficiently as possible, but above all, on exceeding them.

In the areas of destructive and non-destructive materials testing, our minimum requirements from our laboratories and partner companies are accreditation to ISO17025 by DAkkS, Germany's national accreditation body.

According to DIN EN ISO 9712, the personnel responsible for non-destructive testing (ultrasonic, magnetic powder and/or liquid penetration examination) must be at least qualified to level II. 

Our production is based upon work in accordance with the common technical standards (DIN EN / VdTÜV material data sheets / ASME / ASTM). Over and above this, we are able to work to extensive project and customer specifications due to our many years of experience in the oil and gas industries. 

We are quite familiar with the preparations for these jobs via procedures such as inspection and test plans (ITP), manufacturing procedure specifications (MPS), packing procedures or the most varied non-destructive testing (NDT) procedures and drawings.

As an important aspect of the processing of orders, we are also in the position of being able to arrange and supply the necessary final documentation, right up to the creation of manufacturing record books (MRB).

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